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A little about me...I may seem a little old to be a serious streamer but the story behind the stream is both compelling and inspiriing.

I am a multiple purple heart, Iraq and Afghanistan Army Infantry Veteran with 4 tours. Despite the odds, I came home and after a lengthy hospital stay and some very serious physical therapy, most days I am good to go. However, those experiences take a toll and I found a massive release through video games.

Although I do play alone, for the most part I play with The Usual Suspects, a group of my family and friends and our general banter is the comedic relief of the stream!

Finally, all I ask of my audience is participation! When you view live, say HI, ask questions, make fun of me or any of my teammates! We love it and I promise you will have fun in the comments!

Where does the name AJAX come from?

I was a Sergeant in the US Army and one of the things I HATED was getting my ass chewed out for things being dirty. So my squad was always cleaning if we didn't have anything else pressing to do. So they started calling me AJAX to try and get under my skin, but I just adopted the nickname and it stuck.

How did you start making content?

The short answer is, I started playing a lot recently with The Usual Suspects, and as we got better i wanted to record my plays so I could create videos of the highlights. While we were discussing it, Khaos said "Why dont you just stream?!?! You are in the top 0.1%!!!" and the stream was born!

Why start your stream on Facebook?

I chose to start on Facebook because honestly, it was so easy to get started. Their audience is huge with almost 3 Billion users. However, after upgrading my setup hardware and software, it was time to expand so now I stream to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and Twitter.

I hope the communities love the content I create and interact with me as much as possible.

What equipment do you use?

Check out My Setup for details on everything I use to stream

What are your future plans for the stream?

I have been blown away by the response so far. For now, I am going to keep playing and I am going to keep building my followers.

I do not know what the future holds but I would like to eventually turn my attention to using the stream to raise awareness and funds for veterans charities that I support through tournaments and sponsorships! Stay tuned and if you would like to sign up for updates, then Click Here