The General


The General is actually my brother Bruce. Another Army vet, though not commissioned and never an actual general, he does love to try to take charge. One of our primary snipers (he insists he is the best at delivering long range death), The General is not only always down to mail a round at 500 meters, but also to say some NSFW stuff that can often derail our comms for long periods of time!

Shadow Dragon

Shadow Dragon AKA Pocket fudge is a multipurpose player. Shadow can snipe with the best of them and  pull off some nice push moves a well. He is best known for stealing kills, and Epic yet questionable death coms! His laughter and sometimes hilarious toxicity in game makes for a great time.

Fox Oddity


Fox Oddity is the team’s anchor. She can hold her own in all aspects of game play. However, she is amazing at getting everyone on the same page and talking the rest of the team out of doing the dumbest stuff imaginable. Her coms hold the team together and her plays come in clutch! Not to mention the best “HOOOOYEEEAH” of anyone!

Jake from State Farm


Jake from state farm loves his Khakis! Although not sponsored (subtle disclaimer), Jake really does love his khakis. Holding his own in awkward and inappropriate death coms, Jake can push and snipe with the best of them. Jake has wonder twin powers with Shadow when it comes to stealing kills also.



The young buck of our group, meet Ben. When The General and I started playing COD on the original Modern Warfare, Ben (The Generals son) was not even allowed to play it yet. He is now a college student and clearly old enough to play with the adults. He almost creates as much chaos as Ali by running off and either dying or pulling off some of the sickest clutch plays. Primarily a pusher like his uncle, he can also pull off some killer mile long shots.

Khaos Pixie

Where Ali goes, chaos is never far behind. You can usually find her with me pushing enemies and objectives, unless she has run off on her own and we all have to go chase after her. Her unreal amount of energy and speed is a gift/curse to us all! Tune in to hear her thoughts on just about anything and they will all make you scratch your head!



Ginger gets his name from, well he's a ginger. Ross is our red headed soul-less flex player that can push and/or snipe at a moments notice. Though he did get his start as a support main back when we all met playing Overwatch in 2018. He is always up to say whatever gets the best reaction from the group and be prepared for some crazy comments as he, Bruce and I set out to top each other in who can say the most outlandish shit!

IRL Friends